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Alert: Diné Face Arrest & Livestock Theft on Black Mesa

Hopi Rangers Taking Diné Sheep

Editors note: This action is occurring as winter approaches and sheep and other livestock are the livelihood for many Diné facing oppressive conditions imposed by PL93-531. The update below uses the controversial term “HPL (Hopi Partitioned Lands),” some Diné resisters recognize this area as Sovereign Diné Nation and not HPL.   UPDATE from HPL (Hopi Partition Land) residents:  Shirley Tohannie and elder Caroline Tohannie had…


protect sacred places

From the Morning Star Institute. Washington, DC (6/19/14)—Observances and ceremonies will be held across the land on June 20-22 to mark the 2014 National Days of Prayer to Protect Native American Sacred Places. The observance in Washington, D.C. will be held on Friday, June 20, at 8:30 a.m., on the United States Capitol Grounds, Senate East Front Grassy Area Nine (see details under Washington, D.C.…

CALL TO ACTION: Comments Needed to OPPOSE NN Legislation to allow Uranium Mining


Friends, Please be advised that the following actions are currently taking place and we need your help to tell the Navajo Nation Council Delegates to vote NO on NN Legislation 0373-13. ADDITIONAL INFO: 2012-07-19 Fully Executed Temporary Access Agreement.pdf Churchrock Sec.8-ROW PDF NNC Legislation 0373-13 ROW for URI 22nd Navajo Nation Council’s Contact Information Public Comments-Tsosie Resolution 0373-13(1) Navajo Nation Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie of the…

NEWS ADVISORY: Protest Planned to Stop Further Desecration of Burial Sites on Black Mesa

BM Remains SIU

UPDATE (Tues. Oct 29 5PM): It would appear that the Bureau of Reclamation is feeling the pressure (note: this meeting was initially open then unexpectedly closed, now open to the public again): The location for this meeting has moved to the Branigar-Chase Auditorium at Museum of Northern Arizona. The meeting will not be held at the Colton House. MNA’s BC Auditorium is located in the…


VIDEO Sakej Ward ‘Defining Warrior Societes’ – Originally posted at Censored News

Originally posted at Censored News.
Sakej Ward in his video presentation defines a Warrior’s responsibility, is to look after his people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. Sakej states that warriors have a sacred responsibility to manage the land and that nature is taken care of, but when there is a threat that will impact everything around you somebody needs to stand up, and it is the responsibility of these warriors to take action.

Blockade Halts Ski Resort Destruction & Desecration of Holy Mountain – Video & Pics


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Blockade Halts Ski Resort Destruction & Desecration of Holy Mountain Flagstaff, AZ — August 8th, 2011. Nine people took direct action at 5:00 AM on Monday morning, blockading the ongoing destruction and desecration of the Holy San Francisco Peaks.  Nine individuals directly confronted the ecocidal actions of Arizona Snowbowl,…