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"You can't bomb the world to pieces if we fuck-up your machines." Regardless of justifications and legitimacy of targets (and fuck off if you think no civilians were harmed), let's not remove the dropping of the largest non-nuclear bomb in history from the context of the capacity and capability for violence

Anti-Fascist Zone Poster (PDF, 1MB) Print. Paste. Resist. Wheatpaste Recipe [mkd_list_ordered] Heat up 5 cups water. Add 15 tbsp of flour to cold water in a separate container until you get a thin mixture. Pour the cold mixture into the boiling water & stir. Bring to a boil & let it cool. Mix

Flagstaff, AZ -- More than 100 community members rallied outside Flagstaff City Hall then filled the council chambers to support a proposal for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. After hearing strong testimony regarding injustices Indigenous community members face, city council members discussed and unanimously supported the proposal brought forth by council member

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Las Vegas, NV — Indigenous rights and environmental advocates from throughout the US condemned nuclear

Powerlines: A Diné Relocation Refugee Coming of Age Story FLAGSTAFF, AZ — Independent feature film

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