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"Making a Stand at Desert Rock"
Produced by Indigenous Action Media
8min 10 sec
On December 12th, 2006 community members
in Burnham, New Mexico established a blockade
to prevent preliminary work for the proposed
Desert Rock coal-fired power plant.
For more info and how you can help:

Outta Your Backpack

Wally's Video

4min 40sec - This video was written, edited, produced
and directed by 12 year old Walees Crittendon,
resident of Big Mountain.

View the trailer
for the documentary,
"The Snowbowl Effect"

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About Us

Youth Coordinator Shelby Ray

Indigenous Action Media
(IAM) was founded on August 25th, 2001 with the focus of providing Indigenous youth with the skills to address environmental and social justice issues through creative forms of media outreach.

IAM offers documentary videography training, basic media strategy consultation and organizing workshops.

IAM produces documentaries on critical issues affecting Indigenous communities.

IAM & Native Movement Collective have partnered to create Outta Your Backpack Media.

IAM also works with the Museum of Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Cultural Partners to produce the Southwest Native American Film Festival.

IAM is a volunteer collective of experienced Indigenous media makers & activists that work together on a project by project basis for media justice. IAM is currently coordinated by Klee Benally. (Want to volunteer with IAM? contact us today!)

"We recognize that mainstream media often overlooks and sometimes purposefully neglects the critical concerns of many Indigenous communities. We recognize that media plays a crucial role in gathering public support for issues which might otherwise be 'swept under the carpet'. The goal of IAM is to help 'level the media field' by training grassroots community members, in particular Indigenous youth, in media relations and documentary videography so they can bring their voices into the public forum."

Major Projects:

Outta Your Backpack Media
Youth Media Center/Infoshop (Flagstaff, AZ)
Webdesign for Indigenous Grassroots Campaigns
Documentary Film Making
Community Film Screenings (ongoing)
Southwest Native American Film Festival

About IAM's Coordinator:

Klee Benally (Dine') currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, he has been a media activist for over 6 years, producing short documentaries and offering consultation for various indigenous media campaigns. He is also an entertainer with the Native American Music Award winning rock group Blackfire (www.blackfire.net) & the internationally acclaimed traditional dance group, The Jones Benally Family , with which he has performed Dine' traditional dances all of his life.
Klee recently directed and edited "The Snowbowl Effect", a feature documentary which has been screened both nationally and internationally and is currently used in teaching curriculum at Northern Arizona University.

Ph: (928) 527-1431
Indigenous Action Media
P.O. Box 1492
Flagstaff, AZ