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Originally posted at:“For what it is worth we will have to establish a way to live that is both indigenous, which is to say of the land that we are actually on, and anarchist, which is to say without authoritarian constraint.” - Aragorn! “My ancestors wanted autonomy and I want that too.” - Jaydene, The

[caption id="attachment_7171" align="alignright" width="300"] Still image from video of the Border Patrol Museum action[/caption] OCCUPIED LANDS OF SO-CALLED "EL PASO, TEXAS" — El Paso Police Department has issued warrants for sixteen organizers — known as the Borderland16 — from seven different states including California, NY, Missouri and Texas in connection with a February 16, 2019 action

Originally posted at Follow them on FB for updates: Flagstaff police attempted to murder an unsheltered Indigenous relative on Monday. Most folx who live on the eastside know Mat, his low rider bike and bandana are as much a fixture in the neighborhood as any street sign. Mat would stop by for food, conversation, to borrow some

We celebrate the end of this significant part of resource colonialism in Diné Bikeyah. The geopolitics of this entire region were at one point driven by exploitation of coal from Black Mesa by the hands of Peabody Coal. This led to the forced relocation of more than 20,000 Diné from their homelands. While we celebrate

Read our take on the shut down of NGS here. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [caption id="attachment_7063" align="alignright" width="255"] Black Mesa elders & youth blocked the Navajo Nation Council chambers entrance in a protest in December 2018.[/caption] Friday, March 22, 2019   Contacts available for comment:   Nicole Horseherder, Tó Nizhóní Ání, Percy Deal, Lori Goodman, Diné CARE, Marie Gladue, Black Mesa Water Coalition,

Friday, November, 16, 2018, from Flagstaff, AZ — Continuing years of ecological destruction, threats to public health, and desecration and assault on Indigenous Peoples’ ways of life, Arizona Snowbowl ski area opened with snow made from millions of gallons of 100% treated sewage today. Police blockaded parts of the San Francisco Peaks, a mountain in