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This info below is compiled from a range of sources and our personal experiences. @nti-copyright. Download a PDF (1.3MB) of the pocket 'zine here: Printing instructions: Film the Police &

Commentary by Klee Benally @eelk According to The Guardian’s “The Counted" database, there have been 1,403 people's lives taken by police terrorism in the US since 2015. We’re not addressing

   By Franco Habre and Mari Garza | Download the PDF zine here. Originally posted here. Contact: and Comprehensive Immigration Reform is inherently anti-immigrant.  It is presented as a

  8/17/13 - Flagstaff, AZ -- 30 community members marched from Bushmaster park down Rt. 66 to a police substation in the east side of Flagstaff to protest state

[gallery link="file" columns="2" type="slideshow" ids="636,637,638,640,641,642,633" orderby="ID"]             CONTACT: Flagstaff Police Aggressively Disrupt Protect the Peaks March Six Arrested at Peaceful Protest   Flagstaff, AZ – August 7th, 2011. More than one hundred people,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 19, 2010 Indigenous and American Indian Studies Scholars Speak Out Against SB1070, Call for an Economic Boycott of Arizona TUCSON—Indigenous and American Indian studies scholars are