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Caution: Illegal Pilgrims

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  • I am a Native American, I am Arapaho. I lived for the most part on a reservation, I did come to this society for an education, but for the most part lived on a reservation. I have no SSI or birth certificate., I was born on Wind River. The monster in the WH could actually round all of us undocumented Natives up and ‘wall’ us. I personally see open graves and mass body counts as do our elders. I have never been political, we stay to ourselves, we have our own laws, rules, etc. Out of all the ‘sympathizers’ I am finding that groups like this truly seem to understand that my culture, my ppl, may not survive this one, and u seem to be the only ones who care and willing to step up. I thank you. I feel I have found manitukala-guardian spirit.

    January 27, 2017

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