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A Scar On The Earth… Poster


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Every line that has been drawn by any government, is a scar on the earth that was carved in the blood of the people.

The recent conflict in the Ukraine and frothing mouths of war dogs beating the nationalistic drums of another war that certain worlds fight, is the permanent war that many refuse to see that is being waged every day.
It is the war that is how nations (and their politics) exist.
From Palestine to Big Mountain and beyond, modern “history” is written in the carving of national lines with the blood of the people. From drag-lines to pipelines, feeding off the bleeding of the land.

Imperialists point fingers at each other and down each other’s throats. Employing a range of economic emetics. Gouging at the eyes to find “the real enemy.” They gather where they smell death as their affinity is the affinity of vultures.
Sanctions? Of course, because capitalism has always been a weapon.

History once felt like it was birthed in slow motion, and now colonialism and imperialism is live-streamed in our hands while we lay awake trying to sleep. CNNMSNBCFOX and other letters vie to capture and control what’s left of our fractured imaginations in the economies of attentions… and we hemorrhage and defecate it all in the (corporate controlled) electronic commons.

There are those of us who keep our nails filed sharp and do not miss the context. We play in the ashes of the empires that have come before, and we conspire.

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