All Your Heroes Have Committed Genocide T-shirt

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All Your Heroes Have Committed Genocide T-shirt



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This shirt is designed in response to the right-wing attack on Indigenous politician Sharice Davids for wearing a shirt that read, “ALL MY HEROES KILLED COLONIZERS.”
That statement was originally the name of an event a lont-time co-conspirator named  Mari Posa organized on occupied Ohlone lands. It’s true for us and we’re so fond of it we’ve made stickers, shirts, & banners with it’s bright words emblazoned upon them before.
While we don’t care much for politicians, we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to agitate the fascist colonizers that took issue with the fierce shirt Sharice wore.
We’ve always been fond of that classic “God Save the Queen” image from those prefab punks the Sex Pistols, so we figured the message and iconic image was an appropriate appropriation. Of course, instead of the queen we put the face of that genocidal maniac Andrew Jackson.
(btw, we’re less concerned with replacing his face on the $20 & more so with abolishing capitalism)

We’ll definitely be sending one of these shirts to Sharice 🙂


Hand silk-screened “All Your Heroes Have Committed Genocide” t-shirt.

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