Anti-Colonial Sticker & Button Pack

Anti-Colonial Sticker & Button Pack


This pack contains 7* high-quality screen-printed vinyl stickers and two 1” buttons.
Shipping is $.75 per pack (expected delivery: 5-7 days)

Sometimes maybe more shipping time as we print/assemble & ship everything by hand/in-house.


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  • Screen printed & weatherproof vinyl stickers
  • No split liner
  • Sizes: varying: 2″- 4.25″
  • 2 one-inch buttons
  • Proceeds directly support Indigenous Action Media projects & Táala Hooghan Infoshop
  • Original Designs by Klee Benally: Shooting Columbus, Anti-Colonial Anti-Fascist Action, “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers” Lozen Stamp (WRITE UP COMING SOON! Meanwhile check this article), This Machine Kills Colonizers*

*Indigenous folks & anti-colonial accomplices only: please specify AS A NOTE in your order if you would like the “This Machine Kills Colonizers” sticker and we will send it with the pack!