Indigenous Feminist Enamel Pin

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Indigenous Feminist Enamel Pin


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Indigenous Peoples have endured generations of white supremacist hetero-patriarchal brutality. The colonizers knew if they could destroy the power of womxn and two-spirits, they could subjugate our peoples & control the land.
Indigenous feminism was born as an intersectional response to colonization and the limitations of white feminism. While white feminists primarily advocate for economic & political equality, Indigenous feminists recognize that this particular re-arranging of social-hierarchies still perpetuates capitalism & settler colonialism. White feminism on stolen land is still just settler colonialism. Indigenous feminism addresses the specific ways in which land and our cultures have been under attack.
If we understand that a feminist is anyone who fights against sexism and sexist oppression, then Indigenous feminists are necessary forces of liberation to directly address the specific ways colonialism continues to corrupt, destroy, and dominate our lands and people.

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High quality enamel pin.
Measures about 1″ tall.
Comes on a card with a butterfly clutch back.
100% of the proceeds support Indigenous Action Media organizing and Táala Hooghan Infoshop.