Indigenous Resistance to Nuclear Colonialism Tshirt

Indigenous Resistance to Nuclear Colonialism Tshirt



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Hand silk-screened “Indigenous Resistance to Nuclear Colonialism” t-shirt.
PLEASE NOTE: yellow color and print may slightly differ than onscreen image due to ink colors and hand-printed nature of our work.

Designed by Klee Benally.
*Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Up to 3 weeks for international orders. (possibly more on all orders if we’re busy!)

Proceeds directly go to purchasing a Geiger Counter for Indigenous Action Media’s field work in areas contaminated with radioactive pollution. Additional proceeds will be donated to Haul No!’s defense/offense fund.

Nuclear colonialism is the domination and exploitation of Indigenous people and lands for the benefit of the nuclear production process.
Check out and support,, Check our #NoNuke category for previous articles & work:

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Proceeds support community-based Indigenous organizing!
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