Marsha P. Johnson Brick Thrower “Fuck the Cistem” T-shirt

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Marsha P. Johnson Brick Thrower “Fuck the Cistem” T-shirt



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“Not Gay As In Happy, But Queer As in Fuck The Cistem!” with Marsha P. Johnson throwing the first brick at Stonewall posed in an appropriation of Banksy’s infamous Flower Thrower portrait figure.
Marsha P. Johnson was a mother of the LGBTQITS revolution. As said before she was the first one to throw a brick at the Stonewall riots. She’s opened up shelters for Gay, Queer and Trans youth and sex workers she was also known to influence the night scene in occupied Lenape Lands (aka New York) with her iconic performances and singing abilities. She’s led multi-thousand people marches for queer justice such as medical care an equal opportunity and right to live. She’s saved and influenced countless Trans, Drag and Queer lives an the LGBTQITS movement itself until she was murdered in 1992. The cops refused to investigate her death claiming it was a suicide, it is one of the most notorious cold cases in the LGBTQITS community. For that reason this shirt was made to honor her, her memory, and to raise awareness for the countless other trans and drag community that are targeted endlessly to this day. Within the last year alone over 300+ Trans, Drag and Queer folk have been murdered with no justice from a system that’s consistently failed these an countless other communities.

Proceeds from the sales of this shirt will be going directly to make a educational discussion video between folks of the Trans, Drag, Queer, an Two Spirit community on some of the challenges these communities face and powerful and everyday ways to over come them.

By Ray Valintine~ @Ray_Valintine

Hand silk-screened “Marsha P. Johnson Brick Thrower ‘Fuck the Cistem’” T-shirt.

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