Protection and Repatriation Tshirt

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Protection and Repatriation Tshirt



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Hand silk-screened “Protection and Repatriation” t-shirt featuring Mangas Coloradas’ son.
La-choy Ko-kun-noste also known as Mangas Coloradas was Tchihende or Mimbreño Chiricahua Apache who lived from  c. 1793 until 1863. He was a fierce warrior against colonial invaders. In 1863 he was killed by white colonizers and his skull was sent to the Smithsonian Museum for “research.” When the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act was passed in 1990, Apache Nations were offered back all known remains of their ancestors. Mangas Coloradas’ skull may have been among those returned, though it is unknown due to the Smithsonian’s cataloging system.

Designed by Klee Benally.
 Proceeds support Indigenous Action Media’s work.
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