Indigenous Action Media (IAM) was founded on August 25th, 2001 to provide strategic media support and direct action to address issues impacting Indigenous communities.

IAM offers media strategy consultation and support in the face of environmental & social injustices. We do this through direct support, workshops, web and graphic design services, documentaries and youth empowerment projects.

We are a volunteer collective of experienced Indigenous media makers & activists that work together on a project by project basis for media justice from an anti-colonial & anti-capitalist framework.



Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM)

OYBM started as a project of IAM. We provide webdesign, graphic design and mentorship support.
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Action/Issue Support

We can provide your group/organization with design for little or no cost.
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Organizations and campaigns we’ve supported:

Longest Walk 2
– Media Conferences, video production, news releases, posters, postcards, web outreach materials.

Dine’ Water Rights struggle
www.dinewaterrights.org – Website, video production, news releases, media support, documentation, social media coordination.

Anti-ALEC Phoenix Protests
News releases, website, video production, action support.

O’odham Solidarity Across Borders
News releases, direct action.

Protect the Peaks/Save the Peaks
www.protectthepeaks.org – Website, graphic design, video production, news releases, action coordination.
– Media conferences, news releases, video production, logo, web design, flyers, stickers, posters, postcards.

Stop Uranium Mining
www.stopuraniummining.org – Webdesign, graphic design, media consulation, news releases, public events, action support and coordination.

Human Rights March 2012 – Flagstaff, AZ
www.indigenousresistance.org – Webdesign, graphic design, news releases, action coordination and support.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support
www.blackmesais.org – Webdesign, graphic design.

Taala Hooghan Infoshop
www.taalahooghan.org – Establishing, webdesign, graphic design.

Outta Your Backpack Media
www.oybm.org – Founding, webdesign, graphic design, video editing, mentoring.

Dooda Desert Rock
www.Doodadesertrock.com – Webdesign, graphic design, video production, media support.

www.nativemovement.org – Logo and web design (previous version).

Coal Block – Logo and web design elements.

Power Paths Documentary – Logo, DVD cover, website design elements.

Keya Earth – Logo and outreach material.

Native Renaissance – Logo.


Strategic Communications & Media Justice Workshops

Click here for a full listing of the workshops we offer.



Greening the Revolution (2010)
Feature Documentary & Trailer | HD | 80m
Editor, Associate Producer

Making a Stand at Desert Rock (2006)

The Snowbowl Effect (2005)

Crisis on Black Mesa (2001)



Just Transition – 30 sec [Radio]

Save the Peaks – 30 sec [TV]



Indigenous Action Media (IAM), Flagstaff Cultural Partners (FCP) and the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) present Flagstaff’s first Native American Film and Video Festival celebrating works of Native American film and video makers from the Southwest. The festival showcases feature length films, documentaries, shorts, music videos, and experimental film and video.

IAM also hosts a series of community film screenings and tours with films throughout the country.

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