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Blue Bird Wheatpaste Recipe



Blue Bird Flour Wheatpaste Recipe

Bring 5 cups of water to a boil.
Add 15 tablespoons of flour to cold water in a separate container. Stir until you get a thin mixture.

Pour the mixture into the boiling water and stir.

Bring the mixture back to a boil and let it cool.

Mix in 5 tablespoons of sugar after the mixture has thickened.

STEP 6: Paste up your art!
Apply paste on a surface, put art up on the surface, and go over art with more paste.

This tried and tested recipe works great and should last a while on many surfaces. Here are some other helpful tips:

  • You can conceal a wide brush in range of containers that look quite typical. 😉
  • Though we haven’t had the need, some folks recommend carrying a sharp blade to score (cut lots of random lines) your paste-up after its slightly set. Those who recommend this say it makes your art a lot harder to remove.
  • Leave your tips in the comments below!

We have lots of designs here that can be modified for large format printing, certainly we encourage you to make your own and keep street art a threat!
Download the printable recipe here. (jpeg, 430kb, 2-up formatted for 8.5″x11″)

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