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www.IndigenousAction.org is back online and not going anywhere! Special thanks to our friends at Ethos7.com for additional emergency tech assistance!

After facing a temporary shut-down of our site due a shift in control of the domain name in the beginning of August 2012, we thought our problems we’re over… until our domain name was auctioned off weeks after we had re-secured the name and overhauled the site.
The process took much longer than expected due this complicated situation.
Thank you for being patient. We will be bringing this site up-to-date shortly.

This is also a good point to mention that our twitter account and email list remained unaffected by this issue, so connect with us: @media_action

Ahee’ hee’,
Klee Benally


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French translation of the letter delivered to Mr. E. Stewart on sept. 21st + photos:


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