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Independent Film to Address Diné Forced Relocation, Crowdfunding Campaign Underway

powerlines-graphics-posterFLAGSTAFF, AZ — Diné activist, musician, and filmmaker Klee Benally hasn’t been known to pull punches when it comes to political issues, his latest feature film project “Power Lines” promises to keep up the fight.

“The impacts of forced relocation at Black Mesa on the Diné Nation, including historical trauma and colonialism, have not been addressed in a feature narrative before.” states Benally, who wrote the script and will be directing the film, “I intend for this project to have a deep and lasting impact on Indigenous youth affected by this crisis, as well as an indelible impact upon a much broader audience.”
The story follows Halee, a young Diné woman who expresses her angst through fierce slam-style poetry. When Halee’s abusive father crosses a line, her best friend convinces her to run away. Halee realizes very quickly that she is not running away from home, but to a homeland that she knew as a child.

The Power Lines crowdfunding campaign was launched on indiegogo.com to raise $15,000.00 and has so far raised close to $4,000.00 from 55 contributors. The deadline for fundraising is August 28.

“Certainly there are risks with any crowdfunding effort, but I feel very confident that we’ll be able to raise enough funds to cover essential costs for the film.” states Benally. “I consider crowdfunding to be community funding, it’s really a powerful way to go beyond corporate controlled media and tell our own stories. Crowdfunding also offers a way for folks to truly be part of the process in creating something that can have profound impacts.” said Benally.

Although this would be considered a “micro-budget” film, the proceeds will go towards paying the cast, crew, travel, food, accommodations, acquiring some basic equipment, and ensuring a high production standard for the film. Filming, which will be solar powered, is scheduled to begin fall 2014 with release of the completed movie by January 2015.

“We plan to start casting soon. We have already been scouting locations, getting paperwork in order, and assembling our crew.” states Benally. “I am really excited to be bringing the talent of mentors from Outta Your Backpack Media into this production as well.”

The Power Lines production team has recently welcomed Diné slam poet, Rowie Shebala, to the production team to bring her penned and spoken word skills to the film.

A digital download of the film is available for a $15 contribution. As with most crowdfunding campaigns there are some creative rewards or “perks” available as well, for $100 you can have a name displayed in graffiti in one of the films scenes, the perk also comes with a shirt and digital downloads of the film and soundtrack.

You can contribute to the campaign here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/power-lines-a-radical-indigenous-independent-feature-film

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_YLrwEVtEU

More information: www.powerlinesmovie.com


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