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May the Bridges we Burn, Light the Way


May the bridges we burn…

“May the bridges I burn, light my way” has been a popular assertion against making amends with fuckery, this is our offering of fuel to the “art of resistance” fires. We see no use in cautiously navigating the geography of respectability politics & movement policing towards a false destination of “unity.” The red/whitewashed bridge-building of capitalism & colonialism through the non-profit & ally industrial complexes only acculturates our domination.
We have no desire to reform and further this system which is predicated upon our destruction.
Some division is necessary when we make our calculations in the physics of liberation.

As we enter a new year (according to colonial conventions) we recognize the ongoing ways our communities and Mother Earth are under attack; from escalated xenophobic assaults, hetero-patriarchal violence, desecration of sacred places, mass incarceration & state violence, to forced-relocation, and many other extreme deprivations.
We celebrate every fierce and unapologetic act, no matter how small or “symbolic”, of radical and fanatical resistance.

We can smell the burning sage and gasoline.

For those who share our deep and intense longing for total liberation, may the bridges we burn, light the way.


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