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Never forget September 11, 1609



Never forget September 11, 1609
Henry Hudson invaded Lenapehoking

#anticolonial #neverforget #indigenousresistance

“Some Monster of the Sea”
Excerpt from Penhawitz and Wampage and the
Seventeenth-Century World They Dominated
by Anne-Marie Cantwell

Oral tradition has it that when the Munsee saw a European ship in their waters, they wondered if it was “some monster of the sea” (Jameson 1909 :293; see also Heckewelder 1841) . And in many ways they may have been right. This “monster” almost certainly refers to the Halve Maen, the ship that Henry Hudson sailed into New York harbor in 1609. That voyage was marked by exchanges of goods and violence, both heralds of the trade and bloodshed in the century ahead. The area’s potential for the fur trade was quickly realized and Dutch traders soon followed Hudson into Lenapehoking. In the 1620s, the Dutch West India Company acquired a trade monopoly in the new colony of New Netherland and “the monster of the sea” began to settle down in Lenapehoking. Although the details of the first European settlement of what would become New York City have been lost (Jacobs 2005:42), roughly it seems that in 1624 (or 1623) the Company sent a small group to lay claim to New Netherland. Some from that party were left on what is now Governors Island, in New York Harbor, one of the finest natural harbors in North America.

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UPDATED: How to Burn American & Canadian Flags




How to Burn an American Flag COLOR PDF

How to Burn a Canadian Flag COLOR PDF

We’ve updated this poster and included a version for our relatives in so-called Canada!

The so-called “United States” and KKKanadian flags represent Indigenous genocide, African slavery, ecocide, & ongoing imperialist aggression throughout the world. When symbols are burned & monuments destroyed, the ideas & institutions that they represent become diminished. Agitative propaganda (agitprop) can inspire & build morale, it can also provoke strong emotional responses from those who maintain allegiance to such symbols.
As fascists use their colonial law of “free speech” to rally & dehumanize, we burn
their symbols & reveal their hypocrisies. By attacking symbols of colonialism, white supremacy, cis-heteropatriarchy, fascism, & capitalism, we break down the legitimacy of their power & loosen their death grip on our humanity.


Liberate a flag from a local fascist or corporate store. 100% cotton flags are easiest to light & don’t emit toxic fumes like nylon ones. Burning nylon flags also can stick to clothes, skin, and any surface so they are best left to burn on the ground or affixed to a pole.

Lighters and matches are easy to carry. Any source of ignition will do. Road flares or a spray paint with a lighter held up to the nozzle are excellent ways to ensure good & quick ignition.

A flammable accelerant such as lighter fluid is highly recommended. We do not recommend using gasoline as it is extremely volatile. Do not douse the entire flag, just a small section & light away from your body. Most flags will not ignite immediately & can take time to start burning well. If no accelerants are available fold a couple of ends of the flag onto itself & hold your matches or lighter to the material until a good flame starts.


As flag burning is highly symbolic, keep in mind the visual narrative that your location may provide i.e. a monument, a political office, etc. The idea is to maximize the effect of your action, so even significant dates can enhance the overall impact. Be aware of your surroundings to make sure unintended fires are not started ;).


While burning the so-called US flag is considered “protected speech” you may want to consider researching local settler colonial laws.

There are no laws against burning the KKKanadian flag. It is NOT a criminal action, under the Canadian Criminal Code. It is considered a protected form of expression under the “Charter of Rights And Freedoms.”

In some instances folx in the “US” have faced charges of “reckless burning.” If the burning is held in a “private” area certain security concerns may not be warranted. Perhaps the biggest threats are from fascists & reactionary liberals aka movement police (usually the same thing). Be situationally aware of these possible threats on the ground & online. Serious doxxing of flag burners has occurred in some areas with some of those identified facing death threats & even losing their jobs. Mask up & cover anything that can identify you (tattoos, piercings, hair, etc). Make sure any documentation especially social media can’t be used to identify you (don’t tag yourself in the pics).


American and KKKanadian flags can be ripped into pieces to make Molotov cocktails. Mix one part gasoline to one part motor oil in a glass bottle. Plug with cloth or cap & secure cloth to top by tying, duct tape, etc. Extremely dangerous *for educational purposes only*.

“Decolonize” your flag burning by using a traditional hand drill. Spin a wooden drill against a wood board with your bare hands. Use the ember to start a fire & then hold flag over flames until you achieve ignition.

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Art of Resistance

Indigenous Action Posters – Spring 2023




Fixed File link Zip file: 200MB:

Here are 51 high resolution PDF posters (some duplicates as color and B&W versions) for you to print and destroy! We will be uploading another set of some of our older posters here too. You can always do a search for posters or PDFs on our site as well.

Feel free to use for any and all anti-capitalist anti-colonial agitational propaganda (patches, prints, shirts, buttons, etc. for radical benefits or personal use). Credit is nice but not always necessary. Support Indigenous resistance art & artists.

Link to our tried and true wheatpaste recipe:

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Stop Cop City! Solidarity Poster




PRINTABLE PDFs: Black and White (831 KB)

Avenge Tortuguita!
No Justice on Stolen Lands!
Abolish the settler colonial police state.
Avenge Tort!
Attack. Cop city is everywhere!

When we resist the commodification and destruction of Mother Earth, we continue Indigenous resistance to over 500 years of colonial violence. Colonial enforcers continue to murder land, water, and forest defenders. Respect existence or expect resistance.
Printable posters up on our site:

“The City of Atlanta has leased 381-acres of Weelaunee Forest, stolen Muscogee land, to the Atlanta Police Foundation for a police military facility funded by corporations.
Cop City will never be built.” #StopCopCity #DefendWeelaunee


Smash the settler and resource colonial police state.

#acab #ftp

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