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Site Overhaul, New Gear, & Order Processing fix

As our crew was re-focusing our work with this website, we decided it needed an overhaul.
It’s still a bit messy as we’re fixing things here and there, so please let us know if you find something completely broken. We had a serious issue with our ordering process and access to the site that prevented us from filling certain orders. For those who had (or still have) overdue orders, we sincerely apologize for that and assure you that we’ve fixed the issue and will be making more changes that help ensure we don’t have similar problems in the foreseeable future.
We have not been able to keep up with publishing content here as our direct day to day volunteer organizing has kept us quite busy. That’s about to change with this new overhaul so look out for new propaganda and analysis soon.
We will be launching some new designs for gear later today so stay posted.

You also may have noticed that we’ve also been slowly dropping the Media part of Indigenous Action. When we started in 2001, Media Justice was our primary focus. In the era of Indymedia, we wanted to leverage the accessibility of new forms of media for struggles our communities were facing. We feel like we’ve done that, especially with our initiation of Outta Your Backpack Media (since 2004), and have realized that with our work at Táala Hooghan Infoshop and the proliferation of social media, direct action and anti-colonial & anti-capitalist analysis was more and more necessary. We’re not on non-profit paychecks, we’re not a vanguard, & we don’t wave a party banner. We’re the trouble making bottom-liners who don’t compromise and passionately believe in and fight for total liberation for Mother Earth and all her beings.

We appreciate ya’ll’s support and, as always, look forward to seeing you on the front lines.
Stay fierce,
– IA Crew

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