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The First Thankstaking

“The First Thankstaking” by Klee
People posting about “decolonizing” Thanksgiving.
I don’t care about how organic and locally sourced your cranberry sauce is. I don’t care if you symbolically “acknowledge” that the table you’re feasting on is stolen. I don’t care about how many tokens you brought to the table to redwash your guilt away. I don’t care who you’re going to vote for to sit and feast at that table or about honoring old pieces of paper with dead words that our ancestors were forced to sign.
Settler colonialism is first and foremost about land and power, no amount of “acknowledgements” are going to change that.
Pass the gravy? How about flipping the table and joining us in the fight to liberate our lands and people?
#wherethereiscolonialismthereisnofreedom #flipthetable #indigenousaction

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