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HomeArt of ResistanceUntil All Are Free – Prisoner Support Resources

Until All Are Free – Prisoner Support Resources

Until All Are Free – Prisoner Support Resources

*Art re-worked from an old-school graphic, @nticopyright*

Because the action doesn’t stop if or when someone is arrested.
Please add additional resources in the comments.

“Prisoner support is not only a tool necessary to the success and survival of our movement; it is also the antithesis of the oppression and exploitation that we seek to abolish. This understanding of our work as strengthening a movement for liberation differentiates us from the myriad reform and charity based groups.” – Earth First Journal

Some things everyone can do:

  • Correspond with folks on the inside
  • Organize a political prisoner support group or letter writing event
  • Provide magazine subscriptions and books
  • Donate commissary and monetary support
  • Organize support demos & concerts
  • Provide post-release support

Some great orientation for here:



Anarchist Black Cross Federation:







Pocket ‘Zine: Film the Police & Know Your Rights

Dissident Survival Guide
A Field Manual to Encounters with Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, and Other Hazards

A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant free book:
The Tilted Scales Collective presents a comprehensive guide to facing charges in the criminal legal system to help defendants not only figure out how to handle their legal cases, but also how to think about their cases.



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