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[ALERT] Snowbowl Begins Clear-cuts on Holy San Francisco Peaks


FLAGSTAFF, AZ — Owners of Arizona Snowbowl ski area have started clear-cutting rare alpine forest for new ski runs on the Holy San Francisco Peaks.
According to an Environmental Impact Statement more than 74 acres are slated to be cut.
Owners and operators of Arizona Snowbowl began partial development of a 14.8 mile pipeline last month.
If completed, the pipeline will transport up to 180 million gallons of treated sewage effluent from the City of Flagstaff to the ski area for snowmaking.

The treated sewage has been proven to contain contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and hormones. Currently this matter is subject of a lawsuit asserting that the Forest Service, who manages the Peaks as public lands, did not test or seriously consider impacts if humans ingest the fake snow.
Snowbowl started development in May even though the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to make a decision on the current case.

Development of the pipeline was temporarily halted on June 16th when six individuals locked themselves inside the pipeline trench and to construction equipment.
After holding off construction for nearly 5 hours, the direct action ended with the arrests of those involved.

The San Francisco Peaks are held holy by more than 13 Indigenous Nations.

Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. made the point clear when the Forest Service initially approved the development in 2004, “When you build on [The Peaks], when you talk about putting wastewater on it, you are desecrating our life. You are chipping away at our way of life and committing genocide”

Please read the statement from the six protesters who literally placed themselves in the trenches: www.indigenousaction.org/statement-from-6-protesters-arrested-for-stopping-snowbowl-pipeline/

*Photo credits: survivalsolidarity.wordpress.com & Dawn Dyer

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What is it that the floods, the firers, and mountain slides are not enough to stop the destruction of over use of our native lands. Are there not enough ski resorts, what is it that 13 Indigenous Nations have classified this region as a holy site and where are the laws of NEPA of 1969, ACHP, , NAGPRA, ACHPA of 1979, and the NHPA of 1966. Where is the importance of preservation of sacred sites. Where is the State Historic Preservation Office and the Tribal Historic Preservation Office. Must contamination continue our our lands — do you not understand the medicine of the alpine forest to the native population. Why would you be so ignorant and greedy to all the lands before you destroy all that was a gift to the indigenous population! Why!!

How can I help?

My husband and I will continue to gather and deliver donations to help protect these Sacred Mountains.
The greed behind this rape is so disgusting. Yes, it is rape to Mother Earth.

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Published in French in CSIA’s Newsletter
Traduction (Fr) dans la Lettre de Nitassinan numéro 53, bulletin trimestriel du CSIA

[…] for on many a summer day. The ski resort Arizona Snowbowl, for one, was lambasted last year for plans to cut down 30,000 trees—a 74-acre grove of pines considered holy by indigenous nations. And just prior to the kickoff of […]

[…] of Arizona Snowbowl ski area started clear-cutting rare alpine forest for new ski runs on the Holy San Francisco Peaks. According to an Environmental Impact Statement […]

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