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Breaking: O’odham Water & Land Defenders Arrested Halting Border Wall Construction Threatening Sacred Site

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020
Contact: O’odham Anti Border Collective, oabc1853@gmail.com

O’odham Water & Land Defenders Arrested Halting Border Wall Construction Threatening Sacred Site

UPDATE (2pm MST): The two land & water defenders were taken to CCA Florence where they will have their initial appearance and be released. They are being charged with 2 misdemeanor charges, “Interfering with federal function” and “violation of a closure order.”

Quitobaquito Springs, Arizona — This morning two members of the O’odham Anti Border Collective & Defend O’odham Jewed took direct action and halted construction of the border wall threatening A’al Vappia/Quitobaquito Springs in Hia- Ced O’odham jeved (O’odham Lands) near Ajo, Arizona. This is an O’odham u’uwi (women) led direct action. The springs, one of the only desert water sources, are located in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument right on the US and Mexican border. As one of the land defenders occupied a bulldozer they stated, “You do not have permission to be here, this is O’odham Land. This is a sacred area.” As armed Border Patrol and sheriffs arrested the two land defenders they stated, “This land means so much more than a wall.”

Take Action Now:

  • Mobilize: The O’odham Anti Border Collective & Defend O’odham Jewed are calling for immediate mobilization to stop further desecration of the sacred springs. Contact them at oabc1853@gmail.com or (480) 404-2543.
  • Donate: You can also donate to the Defend O’odham Jewed Bail Fund here:
    Cashapp: $DefendOodhamJewed
    PayPal: paypal.me/DefendOodhamJewed
    Or to the O’odham Anti Border Collective bail fund here:
    Venmo: Missy Land Back @defendoodhamjewed
    For supporting future actions, you can donate to www.gofundme.com/f/defend-oodham-land-bail-fund however we do not have immediate access to this fund yet.

Video of the action:



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