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Support Indigenous Mutual Aid!

As the pandemic of COVID-19 wreaks havoc on our communities, we are witnessing inspiring Indigenous groups and individuals respond with direct action and vital support. Considering the cultural contexts, needs, and especially the history of colonial violence and destruction of our means of self and collective sufficiency, we see these distinct formations of Indigenous Mutual Aid as necessary.

Please check out the directory of Indigenous Mutual Aid efforts throughout so-called Turtle Island and support the ongoing emergency fund!


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If ur in Durango, CO. — i am trying to get resources to BIPOC!
Email: ptisawquah@gmail.com & let me know how i can help!
Bear Clan

Liberated Capital – A Decolonizing Wealth Fund would be a great addition- https://www.decolonizingwealth.com/liberated-capital
I don’t know for sure whether they work with cops, but it doesn’t seem likely.

I think we would avoid it based on it’s Indigenous capitalist orientation and non-profit industry focus.
Ahe’ hee’!

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