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Indigenous Mutual Aid: Ceremony & Solidarity, Not Charity on Stolen Lands

Indigenous Mutual Aid is an information and support network with an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist framework. We exist to inspire and empower autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to COVID-19. www.indigenousmutualaid.org

We seek to grow the organizing of this effort into a collective hub of organizers from throughout what we recognize as Turtle Island. Please connect to our Slack channel to connect, share, & build.

As our communities have a deep history with organizing to support each other in times of crisis, we already have many existing Mutual Aid models to draw from.
 This looks like a small crew coordinating their relatives or friends to chop wood and distribute to elders. It looks like traditional medicine herbal clinics or sexual health supply distribution. It looks like community water hauling efforts or large scale supply runs to ensure elders have enough to make it through harsh winters. Basically any time individuals and groups in our communities have taken direct action (not through politicians or indirect means) and supported others, not for their own self-interests but out of love for their people, this is what we call “mutual aid.”
Our concept of mutual aid does not exclude our non-human relatives or the land. For more info on what Mutual Aid is (and isn’t) please see “Let’s Talk Mutual Aid” by Regan De Loggans. Check out our piece here and these too:
A Mutual Aid Explainer Video

Submedia’s: What Is Mutual Aid?
Big Door Brigade: What is Mutual Aid

Check out our guide on How to Start an Indigenous Mutual Aid relief project.

This project is currently maintained by volunteers with Indigenous Action,
Táala Hooghan Infoshop, and Kinłani Mutual Aid based out of the
Southwestern region of the so-called “United States.”

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