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Keep Your Colonizer Laws Off Our Bodies.

Keep Your Colonizer Laws Off Our Bodies.

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We are not surprised at the decisions made in the name of “justice” by those who determine the “supreme” law of colonial social order. What justice can we expect from the colonizer’s courts that are rooted in white supremacy & cis-heteropatriarchy?

We stand against colonizers & their laws dictating what can & can’t be done with birthing people’s bodies.
While there are many resources connected to non-profits & shitty liberal or vanguardist orgs, we encourage decentralized autonomous & militant organizing in the spirit of queer feminist relatives in so-called Mexico who lashed out in response to femicide, sexual violence, & when their reproductive freedom was threatened. In contrast to the predictable white liberal reaction to “vote harder,” autonomous militants in “Mexico” brought the state to its knees through outrage & conflict.
Non-profits & specialized activist groups here in the occupied US continue to consolidate resources & extract power from our communities. They speak of bodily autonomy while reinforcing colonial power, forgetting that we also assert that violence against the land is violence against our bodies & we fight for total liberation. We witness it in the commodification & compartmentalization of mutual aid when collective care & access to medicines & resources should be available to all who need it. As Janes Revenge states, “Our recourse now is to defend ourselves and to build robust, caring communities of mutual aid, so that we may heal ourselves without the need of the medical industry or any other intermediary.”  
We will not let the sacred knowledge and practices of reproductive freedom be determined by colonial rule.
Many Indigenous Peoples still maintain knowledge and medicines for healthy births and abortions. This is an opportunity to radically reconnect & share ancestral knowledge for reproductive freedom.
Our bodies are ungovernable forces of nature. Smashing cis-heteropatriarchy is ceremony.
Drop links to solid radical/anti-capitalist/autonomous orgs in comments below.

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Action speaks louder than words!!!! Indigenous action

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