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Poster: Apologies Mean Nothing…Pope


“Apologies mean nothing so long as the system of colonial violence remains.”

High resolution 11″x17″ PDFs: Color/Black background | White background/color | Black & White

A response to the recent “apology” by the pope to Indigenous Peoples of so-called kkkanada.
Christianity is a primary institution of cis-heteropatriarchal colonial violence. The systematic annihilation of Indigenous Peoples and lifeways in the “Name of God” continues throughout the world. Putting a headdress on genocide, ecocide & enslavement is not justice.

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Wheat Paste recipe here.

Wheatpaste Recipe

  1. Heat up 5 cups water.
  2. Add 15 tbsp of flour to cold water in a separate container until you get a thin mixture.
  3. Pour the cold mixture into the boiling water & stir.
  4. Bring to a boil & let it cool.
  5. Mix in 5 tbsp of sugar after mixture has thickened.
  6. Paste up your art!
    Thinner paper works best. Apply paste on a surface, put art up on the surface, & go over art with paste.


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