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News Conference Planned to Address Pipeline Desecration on San Francisco Peaks

Media Advisory
For Immediate Release:  May 26, 2011

Contact:  Wahleah Johns


Indigenous, Community and Spiritual Leaders to Gather for Healing and Protection of Holy San Francisco Peaks

News Conference Planned to Address Pipeline Desecration

When:          Saturday May 28, 1:00 PM MST

Where:          Flagstaff, Arizona — Location to be announced, details will be given with RSVP

What:            A news conference will be held by environmental justice organizations, Tribal representatives, and members of Flagstaff community on Saturday, May 28 to address threats of Arizona Snowbowl’s ski expansion development and current construction of wastewater pipeline for snowmaking.

Who:         Tribal leaders, spiritual healers, ECHOES, Black Mesa Water Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, Taala Hooghan infoshop, Outta Your Backpack Media, and community members will be providing statements.

Background:   For more than a dozen years Indigenous Nations, environmental activists, and     concerned community members have worked together to protect the holy site and surrounding area from further ecological destruction, public health threats, and spiritual desecration.

Arizona Snowbowl’s development plans include clear-cutting 74 acres of rare alpine habitat that is home to threatened species, making new runs and lifts, adding more parking lots and building a 14.8 mile buried pipeline to transport up to 180 million gallons (per season) of wastewater to make artificial snow on 205 acres.This week Arizona Snowbowl has begun the construction of the wastewater pipeline on the holy San Francisco Peaks, located in Northern Arizona. The Peaks are central to the ways of life of more than 13 Indigenous Nations.

For further info and background please visit: www.truesnow.org, www.indigenousaction.org




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What part of NO, do these people Not understand.

Mother Earth has enough problems, without destroying he even more.. These radicals extremeist need to leave things the way they were. Instead of destroying everything in their path.
These people need to be Stopped, before there is nothing left. Including Not to be using using waste water for Snow Fest? If they want to do these Corrupted Projects, they can do it in their own back yards. And leave what’s left of Mother Earth & her People Alone!!!

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