1704 N. 2nd St. Occupied Lands, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Prayer Gathering for the Peaks to be held Saturday, May 28


As you may have heard the U.S. Forest Service has given Arizona Snowbowl permission to begin construction on the
Holy San Francisco Peaks. On Tuesday, May 24, Snowbowl workers started digging trenches and laying water pipes to
transport wastewater to make fake snow.

We are inviting you to join with others to come join us and pray.

Prayer Gathering at Snowbowl on the Holy San Francisco Peaks (meet at the parking lot).
We will gather at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

We are calling for our Traditional Elders, Healers, Medicine People, Elected leaders, people who are concerned and re-
spect the Indigenous culture and our environment to come together and pray for healing and protection for the Holy
Mountain. (Snowbowl is located 7 miles north off of Hwy 180, 7.3 miles from the Flagstaff City Hall )

If you cannot make it – We are also asking for people to take some time to pray that Saturday (MST time 9am) morning
from where ever they are in the world.

Again, we are looking forward to seeing you there and praying with you.

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From the spiritual occupation of Sogorea Te (Glen Cove) in California, we wish great strength and courage upon all those who have been making and who will be making a stand, whether in court, on the streets, or on the land, to stop Snowbowl from desecrating the holy San Francisco Peaks. Snowbowl’s plans are a violent attack on the spirituality and ways of life of indigenous people everywhere, and they must be stopped. Many of us would be driving out there right now, were we not needed to hold down the ongoing occupation at Sogorea Te. Our prayers will will be with you tomorrow morning, and in to the future.

Protect the San Francisco Peaks mountain for all unborn generations, both natives, and non-natives! That mountain is the home of many plants that 13 tribes have had used for medicine uses for centuries. The mountain is the gift from the Creator. Take a stand with native peoples and their friends and allies. Please join them and add your strength in numbers of supporters. Don’t let the outsiders build a snow resort for profits for money is the root of all evil.

The real object is not to allow a snow resort to be built for profits at the expense of ancient growth forested mountain with abundance of medicinal plants with many healing properties. They are sacred gifts from the Creator. Protect the Creator’s natural world!

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