Indigenous Action
Indigenous Action
Ep. 8: Our Struggles Aren’t Commodities: Smashing Trading Post Activism

From clothing brands capitalizing on movement imagery and slogans to beer labels “benefiting” #MMIWGT2S, when facing cultural appropriation and exploitation of Indigenous identity and struggle, how do we also hold Indigenous artists and non-profits accountable for exploiting our own struggles? In this show we talk with Tezbah & Remy about our experiences, concerns, and offer some ideas about how to address this trading post activist shitshow.

Note: This conversation is intended for Indigenous audiences.


Tezbah Smiley: Hałtsooi nishłi, Naakai Dine’e’ bashishchiin, Kinyaa’aanii ei ya dashichei, Ta’neeszanhii dashinali.
Ma’ii Teeyiitł’izhidi doo Akidbaa Ahoodzanidee naasha. Ndi Hozhodi shighan. University of Kansaydı shi iinił’ta doo shi naalnish.
Instagram: @ndnfggtmovementVenmo: @Tezbah-Smiley

Remy is a multidisciplinary Indigenous activist and artist of many different media from the Black Mesa region on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. By utilizing art, activism and technology, his creations are rooted in his heritage and culture addressing social, environmental and political issues., Instagram: @f1rstse7en


Bonn – Instagram:@bonnabella.xvx
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About the podcast: Welcome to Indigenous Action where we dig deep into critical issues impacting our communities throughout Occupied America/Turtle Island. This is an autonomous anti-colonial broadcast with unapologetic and claws-out analysis towards total liberation. So take your seat by this fire and may the bridges we burn together, light our way.

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