Indigenous Action
Indigenous Action
Ep. 10: From the Ashes: Boarding/Residential Schools, Historical Trauma & Radical Reconnection

With thousands of remains of Indigenous children recently uncovered in mass graves at residential schools in “Canada,” collective Indigenous rage has been sparked to address the brutal legacy of colonial schools. In this show we share our personal experiences, and discuss how we cannot address the brutal horrors of assimilation through forced education without facing how its colonial legacy continues to fulfill its vicious objectives.

Content warning: Boarding/residential schools, sexual violence.

Remy is a multidisciplinary Indigenous activist and artist of many different media from the Black Mesa region on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. By utilizing art, activism and technology, his creations are rooted in his heritage and culture addressing social, environmental and political issues., @f1rstse7en

Bonn – Instagram:@bonnabella.xvx
Klee – Instagram: @kleebenally

Music: “Native Holocaust” by Savage Family

Info links & resources:
“Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience, 1875-1928” Adams, David Wallace.
“Kill the Indian, Save the Child: Cultural Genocide and the Boarding School,” Barker, Debra. Cheaper Than Bullets: American Indian Boarding Schools and Assimilation Policy, 1890-1930
From Arizona to Alcatraz: Hopi prisoners on Alcatraz
Indigenous Peoples and Boarding Schools: A Comparative Study
Documentary: A Century of Genocide in the Americas: A Residential School Experience

About the podcast:
Welcome to Indigenous Action where we dig deep into critical issues impacting our communities throughout Occupied America. This is an autonomous anti-colonial broadcast with unapologetic and claws-out analysis towards total liberation. So take your seat by this fire and may the bridges we burn together, light our way.

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