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Returning to Home to Protect Chich’il Bildagoteel (Oak Flat)

From Apache Stronghold

November 21, 2019 — Wendsler Nosie Sr. has hand-delivered a letter to United States Forest Service in Washington D.C. to serve as notice that he is going home for his people to Chi’chil Bildagoteel (Oak Flat) and will establish permanent residence to protect the Apache Sacred site and religious freedom.

In the letter Wendsler states, “I, Wendsler Nosie Sr., am writing this letter to serve as notice to the United States Forest Service and members of Congress, that I will be returning to my home, Chich’il Bildagoteel, Oak Flat. According to the United States Forest Service Policy, the Forest Service is to allow my presence on the land for religious purposes and provide for access to areas of religious significance. I will be taking a religious position as an Apache and going home to my ancestral homeland. This is my religious right, my indigenous right, and my inherent right to return home to protect it from being murdered and protect our future generations, those yet to be born, so they have a right to their identity and religious beliefs. It is going to take religious education for this country to realize what it happening to the Earth. A murder is going to take place on a living being and on a religion if nothing is done by our Congressional leaders to protect our Holy Places to stop this murder by Resolution Copper. The country will then witness what a murder is and those who are responsible for killing the Earth, the Water and a Religion. The United States Government continues to ignore the indigenous people’s religion and the deceit of how America was founded.” Wendsler stated.

Wendsler will depart from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in the morning on Thankstaking Day, Thursday, November 28, 2019 with planned arrival at the Oak Flat Campground on Saturday, November 30th, 1:00 p.m.  All people are welcome to join him on this 45 mile, spiritual journey home to protect Apache Holy site, Chi’chil Bildagoteel. His intention is to stay, guarding the sacred site from those who seek to harm his religious right to be there. Indigenous peoples have been leading the fight to stop the transfer of land to a foreign company and the proposed Resolution Copper mine.  

Spiritual leaders from around the country are coming to join Wendsler on this path, in solidarity. Rev. Dr. William Barber II and a delegation of the Poor People’s Campaign will be there tomorrow. He hopes to arrive at Oak Flat on Saturday and all are welcome to join in spiritual support as he makes this return. Pe send prayers to Wendsler and his whole family. 

If you are with a journalist or with a media outlet, please contact Vanessa Nosie (vnosie11@gmail.com) to schedule an interview.





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